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Carl Schnarrenberger started Carl’s Automotive Service on Avenue Yucca in 1991 with customer service and satisfaction in mind. Now, as Avenue Yucca Car Care, Carl and his team of ASE-certified mechanics continue to provide the highest quality auto repair and maintenance services available in the Lancaster area, along with honest advice regarding all types of automotive concerns—from your basic oil change to complex diagnostics. Celebrating 30 years in service, Avenue Yucca Car Care is here for all your vehicle needs!

“I love seeing people smile with satisfaction when they know they’ve received accurate and honest auto repair. Many years ago, I was confident I could provide excellent vehicle repair to a deserving motoring public. After nearly three decades, I can say without reservation I have, and continue to accomplish that goal.” - Carl Schnarrenberger, Owner

Avenue Yucca Car Care

Meet Your Automotive Service Team at Avenue Yucca Car Care

  • Carl Schnarrenberger of Avenue Yucca Auto Care
    Carl SchnarrenbergerOwner, Service Writer, and Certified Technician

    Carl’s journey into the automotive industry started a little differently than most mechanics and auto repair shop owners. At a young age, he shadowed his father in the local auto shop, observing all the mechanical work his dad did on a daily basis. But when Carl asked his father if the auto industry would be a good fit for him, his dad said, “Don’t become a mechanic.”

    Like most kids, Carl didn’t listen very well, but made attempts to honor his father’s wish. While in high school—even though it was an end run around his dad’s command—he decided to become an airplane mechanic. After finishing high school, Carl joined the Navy, knowing he’d get hands-on training with America’s most advanced aircraft and technology right at his fingertips.

    When his Navy enlistment was complete, Carl continued his education in the aircraft field at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (P.I.T.) and Colorado Aero Tech (C.A.T.) in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from C.A.T. in 1985 and immediately went to work for Rockwell International North American Aircraft on final assembly of the B-1B bomber in Palmdale, California.

    Continuing his education while working (which always seemed to be the case), Carl obtained a private pilot license purely for personal achievement, even though it related to his educational goals. He finished his aircraft career with McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company working on the T-45 Goshawk, a Navy jet fighter trainer.

    By the early 1990s, cars were getting technically advanced enough to rival aircraft in some respects, and Carl decided the time to shift to the automotive industry had arrived. In 1991, he established Carl’s Automotive Service, taking great pleasure in serving the community of Lancaster and simply enjoying working on cars—his first love. In 2017, Carl changed the name of the shop to Avenue Yucca Car Care, and plans to continue serving Lancaster drivers for many years to come.

  • Cari Schnarrenberger
    Cari SchnarrenbergerCustomer Service

    Carl’s wife, Cari, helps out with customer service at the shop, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and our customers are 100% satisfied.

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason LopezTechnician

    Jason is a super tech with amazing ability and experience. He can fix any vehicle make and model, and we regularly hand him tough automotive issues to diagnose and repair. 


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